Product Information Management in B2B eCommerce


Product Data Management

Ready to bring your B2B business into the 21st century?

B2B eCommerce sales have skyrocketed in recent years, fueled by a growing group of digitally-native B2B buyers who expect their B2B buying experiences to be just as compelling as B2C shopping.

Make sure you are ready to meet these rising buyer expectations!

Download our new eBook today to learn how to:

  • Why PIM solutions have become essential for B2B businesses
  • How to evaluate which PIM solution fits the needs of your B2B business
  • The real-world impact PIM has had on B2B businesses
  • Make sure your company is ready to master the B2B market and capitalize on changing buyer behaviors and profiles by optimizing your product experience with Akeneo and OroCommerce!

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