Supply chain

More digital change coming for supply chains

2023 will be another year of big technology changes and digital transformation for organizations of all size, says The American Supply Chain Association.

The association says B2B companies will be see the continued acceleration of these trends, according to a new whitepaper:

Collection of data, advanced analytics and automation are pillars of future supply chains.

  • Using smart logistics solutions, based on the internet of things and next-generation robotics, is a focal point of future supply chain design.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning will have a much greater impact, as processing huge datasets in real time demands these capabilities.
  • As the amount of data grows, treating it as an asset and effectively securing it become vital.
  • Risk management and resilience remain essential to the future of supply chain.
  • Circular and sustainable supply chains, as well as supply chains dedicated to essential goods, must be prioritized — especially after the last two years of disruption.
  • The continuous logistics disruption will drive the need for constant master data maintenance for logistics parameters and inventory levels.

“Digital supply chains will continue to be essential elements of numerous trends on this list, including risk, resilience and security,” the whitepaper says. “Successfully digitizing supply chains requires large-scale sensor implementation via the internet of things; digital twins; shared internal and external interfaces, such as cloud-based networks; and process automation and verification. Best-in-class organizations will adopt digital supply chain capabilities or be left behind by nimbler and more efficient competitors.”

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