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Mirakl & TreviPay integrate to provide invoicing and payment solutions

Mirakl & TreviPay integrate to provide invoicing and payment solutions

TreviPay, a global B2B payment solutions provider, has announced its partnership with Mirakl, a leading global marketplace solutions provider, to offer invoicing and payment solutions to marketplace businesses. This partnership will enable Mirakl’s customers to leverage TreviPay’s advanced payment technology to optimize their financial operations and increase efficiency.

How the partnership benefits marketplace businesses

The partnership between TreviPay and Mirakl will provide a streamlined and efficient invoicing and payment process to marketplace businesses. By integrating TreviPay’s technology, businesses can automate their payment processes, increase cash flow, and reduce operational costs.

In addition, marketplace businesses will be able to benefit from TreviPay’s global reach and expertise in managing international payments, including handling foreign currencies and regulatory compliance.

The advantages of TreviPay’s payment technology

TreviPay’s payment technology is designed to simplify and optimize the payment process for businesses. Their platform offers a wide range of payment options, including virtual cards, ACH, wire transfers, and other electronic payment methods. By leveraging their technology, businesses can eliminate the need for manual processing, reducing the potential for errors and delays.

Moreover, TreviPay’s platform provides businesses with a single interface to manage their payments, enabling them to track their payment status in real-time and access detailed reporting and analytics.

How Mirakl’s marketplace solutions help businesses grow

Mirakl’s marketplace solutions enable businesses to build and manage their own online marketplaces, providing a powerful tool for expanding their reach and growing their business. Their platform provides businesses with a range of features, including product management, vendor management, and order processing.

Additionally, Mirakl’s platform offers a range of customization options, enabling businesses to create a marketplace that aligns with their brand and business needs.

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