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The digital disruption of the food and beverage industry is rapidly accelerating. Now it’s down to you to prepare for the inevitable.

Demand for an online channel in the food and beverage supplies industry is growing alongside customers’ expectations around efficiency, transparency, and accuracy. Put simply, it’s no longer an option for food & beverage suppliers to offer eCommerce and online self-service for your customers. Your B2B customers are already buying online and shifting their spend to suppliers who can deliver the best end to end customer experience.

Food & Beverage Case Studies

Case study

Daily Fresh Food is the largest supplier of fresh products in the southern Netherlands. The company produces a variety of 15,000 fresh food products and ready-made meals. More than 600 business customers are served on a daily basis. The customers range from diners to restaurants and from retirement homes to academic hospitals.

Case study

Known as the Costco of Singapore, FairPrice is by far the largest and most successful supermarket chain in the country. With its partners Foodfare and Kapitam, FairPrice sees a turnover of $3.8 billion and employs over 12,000 workers.

Case study

Foodl is the first truly open marketplace for chefs, hospitality entrepreneurs, and suppliers, primarily created to close the market gap in the B2B foods industry for an open marketplace.


Key Benefits of eCommerce for Food & Beverage

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Trends & Statistics


in online sales is predicted by 2023 in the US food & beverage sector alone.


64% of successful companies within the food and beverage industry had developed an e-commerce strategy


Believe buying from a website is more convenient than buying from a sales rep

ShopMyLocal complements current members’ offline businesses. By adding click-and-collect and home delivery, we are providing additional convenient options for our local shoppers.

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