DJUST hits the market with a new platform

B2B applications and services provider DJUST, thinks its latest product launch will helps simplify the complexity of online trading and e-procurement between professionals. “The DJUST B2B ecommerce solution is built to cater to the modern approach required by B2B companies in adapting to changing customer behaviors, growing numbers of smaller to medium-sized businesses, and the demand of the digital economy,” the company says.

The new product streamlines all manual orders and administrative tasks, providing personalized catalogs and simple order management. All the B2B features can be customized for customer needs, sectors, and use cases.

The DJUST B2B eCommerce platform allows businesses to connect any enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management, and customer relationship management (CRM) software. These multiple back-end connections ensure companies can digitize and modernize existing infrastructures, workflows, and internal processes without disrupting the entire IT system.

DJUST is a B2B eCommerce solutions platform established in 2020 that helps businesses from different industries, such as food & beverages, fashion, beauty & care, construction, pharmaceuticals, and retailers

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