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Balance Internet launches: Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce is growing in leaps and bounds seeing B2B businesses moving to digital platforms like never before. 

In response to the growing demand for digitalisation products and information, Award-winning Australian eCommerce solutions provider, Balance Internet has just released the second edition of their free whitepaper,  ‘Digital Transformation in B2B eCommerce — Driving success and growth in 2021 and beyond.’ 

The 160-page whitepaper offers 19 chapters designed to help businesses kick their digitalisation journey into overdrive.  Each chapter tackles a different digital transformation aspect B2B eCommerce including Inventory Management, Merchandising and Personalisation, Marketing Strategy and Business Intelligence. 

As well as topical research, the whitepaper includes practical advice for differentiating your B2B brand. 

“The B2B industry is set for disruption after the learnings of last year,” said James Horne, Managing Director at Balance Internet. “There has historically been a distinction between B2C and B2B approaches, but in recent years, the line between the two has been fading, if not disappearing completely. The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this”. 

The whitepaper interviews 40 experts from across the eCommerce landscape, featuring insights from companies including Adobe, The B2B eCommerce Association of Australia, Shippit, Magento Commerce and more. 

Specialising in building and supporting seamless integrations for large organisations,  Balance Internet delivers innovative solutions that have been recognised globally. 

The whitepaper is now available for download for free on Balance Internet’s website:

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