Product Data Management

Leverage a scalable, flexible product data management solution to manage complex product content and provide a next-gen customer experience. View our full list of recommended PIM software below.

Why do I need a PIM?

To compete in this rapidly changing environment, B2B businesses must deliver an experience that is rich, relevant, and presented in context for the device and channel a customer is using. Product data also helps interested customers by allowing them to easily find relevant, up-to-date product information they need to make a purchase decision.

This need for exceptional experiences is driving the market for PIM growth — and should continue to drive interest in PIM for the foreseeable future.

Why is an effective PIM Important?

A strong PIM solution improves both frontend and backend workflows, particularly when combined with other systems such as an ERP and an eCommerce platform. By syncing product data across every area and technology stack, PIMs give back-office staff the ability to use data with the customer in mind. It’s also useful in maintaining their business. This type of information is valuable in strategic decisions, as it improves data syndication, team collaboration, and introduces other benefits that ultimately help accelerate sales.

Key Features of an Effective PIM


Find a tool that help optimize data integrity across systems, or eliminate some or all tasks related to logging data.

Digital Asset Management

Your PIM should also give you a clear preview of any images, videos, PDFs, or other assets before you display them on your channels.


Find a PIM with an intuitive interface and easy to use. It should also integrate with your existing technical stack.

Reference Entities

A PIM should include relevant non-product content that can serve to further inform and educate customers, and help you build trust among buyers


An effective PIM needs to be agile enough to keep up with the quickly changing ways commerce is conducted.

Advanced Rights Management

Ensure you’re establishing and keeping this trust with your buyers with a PIM solution that offers advanced user rights and permissions management capabilities.

Product Data Intelligence

Build better relationships with your customers by choosing a PIM that ensures you’re providing only the best and most reliable product data.


Your solution will need to have strong versioning and publication features to help you distribute it to your various touchpoints.

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