B2B ecommerce platforms

Complete guide to B2B ecommerce platforms for brand manufacturers and wholesale distributors.

What is a B2B eCommerce platform?

A B2B ecommerce platform is a piece of software, usually hosted in the cloud, that allows B2B businesses to conduct business more easily. It is a tool that allows you to build a digital storefront, add and remove product listings, make sales, take payments and provide after sales service/support. Unlike B2C retail ecommerce, a B2B ecommerce platform will usually have sections of the site locked away that can only be accessed by customers with login credentials. These credentials are usually granted only to approved companies and there buyers. In most cases, these buyers are given access to unique products and pricing that have been pre negotiated. In many industries the B2B buying and servicing process is complex, which demands a different type of ecommerce feature set than you would typically see in a retail ecommerce experience.

Common features of a B2B eCommerce platform

Powerful features for B2B organizations stand out from the crowd with a professional online presence that caters to the needs of your B2B customers. Some of the most popular B2B features include: 

All-inclusive B2B blueprint store: Save time and money rolling out new sales channels, thanks to our ready-to-use blueprint store. With responsive design, optimized for desktop and mobile alike, the store comes with B2B-specific workflows and processes, and demo content which is easily customized.

Custom catalogs and pricing: Efficiently create and manage customer-specific catalogs and pricing by seamlessly exchanging catalog data via OCI Punchout. Automated processes and dynamic product mapping allow for relevant, up-to-date product information at every touchpoint or sales channel. You can also easily integrate product, pricing, customer, and channel information from a variety of external sources, and push data from the e-commerce platform to other systems such as your ERP.

User roles and responsibilities: Easily control and monitor your sensitive business processes by creating separate user roles (buyer, approver or admin) within your organization, enabling a personalized user experience with specific responsibilities. Automated approval processes, predefined budgets, and activity monitoring which increases internal efficiency and reduces errors.

My Account dashboard: Give users a complete overview and quick access to all of their order information. Buyer, approvers, and administrators each have their own dashboard. Buyers can view the status of their orders, as well as order templates, and quotes. Approvers can check on pending orders and get an overview of approved / rejected ones. Administrators gain insight into each user and their budget.

Quoting: Allow your buyers and dealers to negotiate prices without leaving the commerce site, ensuring seamless communication and full transparency of your pricing policy. Buyers can request quotes for individual products or product lists, and provide additional comments or information. Dealers can respond directly with a new quote so buyers can execute the order once an agreement is reached.

Quick order: Save time and boost convenience with quick orders. Your customer can place an order by entering just the product ID and quantity or upload a CSV file to order multiple products at once.

Order templates: Increase your sales potential and make it easy to do business with you! Customizable order templates, e.g. based on order history, offer a convenient buying experience and speed up your customers’ purchasing process.

Contracts: Boost your customer’s satisfaction with a best-price strategy! With revenue-based contracts, you can get the most out of customer-specific pricing. And it’s easy for your customer, too! Orders placed in a given period are automatically assigned to the contract and the accurate, special price and the My Account dashboard provides full transparency on the details.

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