About the B2B eCommerce Association

The B2B eCommerce Association is the world’s leading network and resource for B2B professionals, practitioners and companies who want to succeed in eCommerce and digital transformation.

Our Vision

To assist in the digital enablement and transformation of B2B companies.

Our Mission

To educate and enhance the professional careers of our members.


The B2B eCommerce Association was founded in 2019.

Global Network

The B2B eCommerce Association comprises industry leaders across the entire B2B landscape including B2B practitioners, technology vendors, expert systems integrators and specialist consultants.

The B2B eCommerce Association was created to help digitally enable manufacturers and distributors who's businesses were being disrupted by digital channels. Today more than ever, B2B companies need support to foster and facilitate eCommerce growth and digital transformation.

Brett Sinclair | Founder & Association Director

Brett Sinclair

Founder & Association Director

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