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5 career tips for B2B marketers

Time to call them exactly as I see them. Five things marketers need to know, right now, in 50 seconds:

Growing Recession Fears Hit Marketing

Marketing layoffs accelerating. My latest survey April 6 shows 57% of respondents report marketing-related cutbacks at current or most recent employer, or expecting it. The vast majority of marketing resumes coming from VP and up.

AI Value Growing in Marketing

According to McKinsey report, among the ten most commonly adopted AI (artificial intelligence) use cases by function, four are in marketing: Customer segmentation, customer acquisition, lead generation, product feature optimization.

Is AI On Your Resume?

A surprising number of new candidates who use it forget to include it. Don’t just list it. Show the reader what you DID with it.

Two Year Level Fails to Hold

New reality in 2023: Average job tenure among marketers who are individual contributors now less than 24 months.

Turndowns Turning Up

Seeing more candidate turndowns in 2023. Even in the midst of layoffs, many pushing back on in-office requirements. B2B still lagging in move to remote/hybrid.

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